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The Printmann Group is in the business of providing high quality printing since 1987. Our company offers both Pharmaceutical & Commercial printing & packaging. In view of growing demands and to provide unmatched customer service, we have two printing facilities – Printmann & Printmann Offset Pvt Ltd.

We have invested in state of the art machines & quality control systems which assure quality printing & short turn-around time to your projects. In our long running and fast growing business we have developed a highly professional & dedicated workforce capable of offering 24/7 non-stop production operations. We have superior pre press production staff supported by the latest in computer software & tools.

As a large printing company we specialize in manufacturing cartons, leaflets, outserts, medication guides, self adhesive labels, danglers, calendars, promotional items, catalogues, brochures, etc. We deliver high quality printing on-time everytime. We guarantee both quality & reputation to your project.

Keeping pace with time we have gone ahead and got our facilities BRC: IOP, ISO 9001:2008 & PS 9000:2011 certified.

We seek continuous improvement, & strive to be a first class company and are committed to growth through increasing levels of technical sophistication & customer satisfaction.

Our Management Team

Bipin Tanna

Bipin Tanna

Founder & CMD

The Printmann Group is run under the able guidance of Mr. Bipin Tanna, our founder & CMD. He has worked his whole career in the printing industry and brings over 40 years experience to the group. After 12 years of dedicated service in the print industry he decided to open his own venture. So with a single 2 Col machine and a small space of 1400 Sq. Ft he made his humble beginning, but with his vision & mission he’s come a long way and expanded the company to an astonishing 67000 Sq. Ft. and 11 various kinds of machines. Being the visionary man that he’s been, in 1989 he started the first of its kind Independent Pre Press Studio by the name of Albert Printing Works which was way ahead of its time. Continuing his outlook in 1994 he foresaw the growth and advancement in the packaging sector and took over V.K. Graphics (now Printmann Offset Pvt. Ltd) which now caters to Pharmaceutical printing & packaging jobs. He is still very much involved in all aspects of the business, and continues to take hands on approach to ensure Printmann remains one of the top companies in the industry.

Tejas Tanna

Tejas Tanna


Brings a wealth of knowledge with his Diploma in Printing Technology from Pune, followed by BSc. Print Media Management from RIT, USA and finally rounding it off with a FMBA Degree from NM College, Mumbai His focus areas are Production & Quality Operations. He is technically driven and his knowledge & background in production process & sales is the perfect match for his drive to help clients find the right solution to their needs. He also enjoys the customer service side of sales and has built strong client partnerships overtime. He ensures that all the products are upto pre set quality standards. He is also the Management Representative for the ISO Certifications.

Ankit Tanna

Ankit Tanna


He joined the business after graduating in BMS from University of Mumbai, and earning a Master’s Degree in MSc. Finance from Manchester Business School, UK. His key focus areas are Procurement & Finance. His innate quality of being a leader drives him to mentor and motivate the procurement team to ensure they have the relevant knowledge and understanding of the best procurement practice in order to deliver efficient service. In addition, to simplify things he has harmonized the entire purchase process so that the team knows exactly what to order and when to order. Manages a range of company-wide finance projects relating primarily to financial planning, strategic analysis, monitoring key areas of spend and all other financial aspects arising out of various activities. He is liable for the development and support of best financial practice across the organization and to ensure that they are in line with all statutory legislation and regulations.

"We believe to imprint an indelible mark on you, by setting industry benchmarks, building state of the art facilities, acquiring latest technology and providing innovative solutions in the world of print and packaging.

We are Committed, We are Driven,

We are Printmann !!"

Printmann Team

Our Work

What we do

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Quality Control

At Printmann we have stringent in-process testing and inspection ensure that we deliver a quality product that consistently meets and exceeds all our clients’ requirements.

We have a documented quality policy and are committed to continuous improvement and perfection.

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • PS 9000:2011
  • BRC:IOP – Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Material
Quality Control

Design Philosophy

  • Online inspection systems on every machine with online ejectors to minimize the ‘human error’
  • If Systems and processes are in place then people don’t make mistakes
  • Quality is of the prime importance. Everything else can come later
  • No compromise on the quality of the product


  • Innovation is separate vertical at Printmann Group where even the Directors are involved.
  • We believe we can mould anything from Paper and Board.
  • The need for Innovation in our industry comes in two ways. One is when another material like plastic, aluminium, etc., needs a paper/board form and two it comes in a way of a security features. We have expertise in both and have provided solutions in both the categories.
  • Our USP is while Innovation with process integration. What we mean by this is we understand your requirement and we take a 360 degree angle during the R&D. While giving the solution we will keep in mind the machinability, automization, clients lead time. There is no point of a unique solution if it cannot be delivered in time.


Thinking ahead of our times, we were the first company to have a modernized pre press unit, running independently under the name of Albert Printing Works. We now have an in-house pre press studio which is equipped with all the latest technology and machinery, such as Plate making Unit with CTP facility, ICG High Resolution Drum Scanners, Macs. PCs,  Image setters with necessary Software, Flatbed Proof Press and Media Check Software through which we can go Proofless. The team handling the prepress is highly experienced and super efficient to handle any challenges. We also have a fully equipped Seigwerk Ink Kitchen managed by a technically qualified team catering to all our ink requirements.

Our Clients


Printmann has garnered over 36 awards in the last few decades and holds a promising future as one of India’s leading printer. From National awards to personal awards nominated to the leadership team, Printmann has won it all and has excelled at all levels. Lets highlight a few of them:-

  • ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems
  • PS 9000:2011
  • BRC:IOP, Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Material


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